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Pneumatic framing nailer for plastic collated stick nails. TRUSTY Line.

Suitable nails lengths: from 83 to 130 mm.

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  • Heavy-duty pneumatic nailer for plastic collated stick nails, coming in strips of 30 pieces.

    When assembled into the central part of the body nailer, an accompanying handle allows the operator to work with both hands.

    All the components of this pneumatic tool have been designed with utmost accuracy. In particular, the percussive hammer has been heat-treated to ensure top-level strength and durability.

    The surface of the nails from 83 to 130 mm (shank diameter 3.05–4.10 mm) is resin-treated, in order to facilitate the penetration depth and the fixing of beams and planks of high thickness.

    The nailer reaches a maximum pressure of 8.3 bar.

    The magazine angle is 21° and it is conceived to reach into tighter spaces while framing.

    Of course, the tool is equipped with a contact safety lever that prevents accidental firing.

  • Altezza (mm) 457
    Lunghezza (mm) 536
    Larghezza (mm) 150
    Peso (kg) 6,1
    Pressione di Esercizio (bar) 5,5 - 8,3
    Lunghezza chiodo da 83 a 130
    Sezione Filo (mm) da 3,05 a 4,10


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