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The AC1005G is a small air compressor, weighing only 11 kg and being easily transportable.

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  • The AC1005G air compressor, also named Ariosto, features some characteristics that make its carriage effortless, being it of limited weight and thus easily transportable.

    It has a tank capacity of 5 litres, it reaches a maximum pressure of 8 bar and absorbs a very low power, equal to 0.45 KW.

    It works with 230 Volt/50 Hz alternating current.

    The noise level is approximately 70/72 decibel. It is unsuitable for intensive painting, but it suits small equipment with a low air consumption.

    Its suction capacity is 110 litres per minute, with a yield of 60 liters per minute at an air pressure of 5 bar.

    Concerning its overall dimensions, the compressor is 20 cm wide, 40 cm long and 40 cm high.

    The compressor is delivered with a manometer for pressure measurement.

  • Altezza (mm) 39
    Lunghezza (mm) 19
    Larghezza (mm) 42
    Peso (kg) 11
    Aria aspirata (litri/minuto) 110
    Pressione massima (BAR/PSI) 8/116
    Potenza (HP) 0,75
    Giri (al minuto) 2800
    Pressione sonora (dB) 72
    Tensione frequenza di alimentazione (volt/hertz) 230/50

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