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Pneumatic combi nailer for C8 series micro brads and P8 series mini pins. VT Line.

Suitable brads and pins lengths: 12-15-18-20-21-22-25-30 mm.

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  • Pneumatic combi nailer of the VT Line, suitable for C8 series micro brads and P8 series mini pins (having wire size 0.8 mm).

    The nailer is supplied in a plastic carrying case together with oiler and lubricating fluid, a ¼” male nipple for quick coupler “Germany type”, and descriptive technical documentation.

    Over time, this nailer has proved to be slightly more powerful than other similar models, demonstrating great valuable work skills.

    Mode of operation: connect the nailer to a source of compressed air; pull the specific lever to open the magazine and then pull back the sliding magazine; insert a strip of brads or pins, so that their tips be in contact with the base of the magazine and their heads be in the specific groove. If the brad does not fit in the magazine, it means that the length is wrong. Otherwise, close the sliding magazine and the nail gun is ready for use.

  • Altezza (mm) 175
    Lunghezza (mm) 40
    Larghezza (mm) 265
    Peso (kg) 1.06
    Pressione di Esercizio (bar) 5-7
    Lunghezza spillo 12-15-18-20-21-22-25-30
    Lunghezza groppino 12-15-18-20-21-22-25-30
    Sezione Filo (mm) 0.84


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