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Pneumatic combi nailer for C6 series mini micro brads and P6 series mini pins. VT Line.

Suitable brads and pins lengths: 12-15-18-22-25-30 mm.

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  • This pneumatic nailer was one of the first air tools conceived to use both the 0.6 mm headless pin and the mini micro brads from 12 to 30 mm.

    This model features a very advantageous power/weight ratio. In addition, its most important components, such as driver assembly and guide plate, have been heat-treated to ensure top-level strength and durability.

    It fires mini micro brads having head width of 0.5 mm or lower.

    The lightness of the nailer is also due to the composition of its visible magazine cover, which allows a continual check of the remaining nails.

    It operates at a pressure of 4-6 bar.

  • Altezza (mm) 177
    Lunghezza (mm) 45
    Larghezza (mm) 234
    Peso (kg) 0.94
    Pressione di Esercizio (bar) 4-6
    Lunghezza spillo 12-15-18-22-25-30
    Lunghezza groppino 12-15-18-22-25-30
    Sezione Filo (mm) 0.64


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