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Pneumatic pinner for P6 series pins. TRUSTY Line.

Suitable pins lengths: 12-15-18-21-25-30 mm.

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  • This model is conceived to use only the P6 series headless pins in the lengths specified in the data sheet, having shank diameter 0.64 mm. It operates at a pressure between 5 and 6.5 bar.

    An adjustable exhaust deflector placed on the head of the pinner diverts air away from the operator.

    A trigger safety lever prevents the pinner from actuating.

    A roughened neoprene protection placed on the pinner handle ensures an excellent handgrip and avoids slippage.

  • Altezza (mm) 55
    Lunghezza (mm) 54
    Larghezza (mm) 7
    Peso (kg) 1,5
    Pressione di Esercizio (bar) 4,0 : 7,5
    Lunghezza spillo 12 - 15 - 18 - 21 - 25 - 30
    Sezione Filo (mm) 0,64 ( Ga. 23 )


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