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Pneumatic pinner for P6 series pins. NT Line.

Suitable pins lengths: 12-18 mm.

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  • The P6R6NT pneumatic pinner features some peculiar characteristics that make it interesting and qualitatively more efficient than many other models on the market. In effect, it differs from other pinners in its pure shape, in the adjustable exhaust deflector, and in the fact that this model allows the use of headless pins having a diameter of 0.6 mm and between 12 and 18 mm long.

    The opportunity to use indifferently and without adjustment any measure of pins ranging between 12 and 18 mm is made possible by a spring mechanism placed in the magazine, activated by the magazine itself at its closure.

    This model does not provide any particular safety devices as the driving speed is below the permitted limits. Anyway, it is essential to bear in mind all the necessary security measures, including the ban on pointing the gun in the direction of body parts or people, in order to prevent serious injuries.

    A roughened neoprene protection placed on the pinner handle ensures an excellent handgrip and avoids slippage.

    The operating pressure is from 5 to 6.5 bar, and it is recommended to use the filter assembly, the regulator and the lubricant to prevent an excessively violent boost, given the small size of suitable fasteners.

  • Altezza (mm) 152
    Lunghezza (mm) 203
    Peso (kg) 0.68
    Pressione di Esercizio (bar) 4-7
    Lunghezza spillo 12-18
    Sezione Filo (mm) 0.6


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